Drum samples that makes you go all-in

Since I started to play online poker I realised that very much of my game play was based on what I was listning to. If I had heavy rock blasting out of the speakers my game went more in the reckless direction. And when I had more pop songs on my game from time to time wasn't as aggressive as I wanted it to be. Finally I had some luck isolating a Hip Hop and rap as my go-to music while playing. But even then my game play could go really either way. So what was it in Hip Hop that made my play more balanced? Finally, after played for many days in one week straight, I had all my albums play on random, and without thinking about it, a instrumental Hip Hop album came on. After winning a couple of rounds I stop playing for a second, realizing what I was listning to. It was different beats and tunes created by drum snares and samples. Then I finally knew that this was my poker music. So in the following days I started to create my own drum samples, and as you can see with the website, the rest is history.